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Marc Chagall (born Moishe Shagal) was a Russian-French artist of Belarusian Jewish origin. An early modernist, he was associated with several major artistic styles and created works in a wide range of artistic formats, including painting, drawings, book illustrations, stained glass, stage sets, ceramics, tapestries and fine art prints.

 Using the medium of stained glass, he produced windows for the cathedrals of Reims and Metz, windows for the UN and the Art Institute of Chicago and the Jerusalem Windows in Israel. He also did large-scale paintings, including part of the ceiling of the Paris Opera.

David Bomberg

A British painter, and one of the Whitechapel Boys. One of the most audacious of the exceptional generation of artists who studied at the Slade School of Art under Henry Tonks, and which included Mark GertlerStanley SpencerC.R.W. Nevinson, and Dora Carrington.[1] Bomberg painted a series of complex geometric compositions combining the influences of cubism and futurism in the years immediately preceding World War I; typically using a limited number of striking colours, turning humans into simple, angular shapes, and sometimes overlaying the whole painting a strong grid-work colouring scheme. He was expelled from the Slade School of Art in 1913, due to the audacity of his breach from the conventional approach of that time.

Sonia Delaunay

Born Sarah Stern to a poor family.in Odessa Ukraine. At five, she went to live with her mother's well-off brother, Henri Terk, and his wife in St. Petersburg, Russia. She received a good education, had access to great art collections. Her first personal show in, featured numerous portrait studies that demonstrated the early influence of Fauvists like Henri Matisse. She Married Robert Delaunay and the two were to become one of the art world's most important partnerships, co-founding Orphism, a variation of Cubist art composed of abstract forms of vibrant color.

Mark Gertler

Mark Gertler born Marks Gertler, was a British painter of figure subjects, portraits and still-life.

His early life and his relationship with Dora Carrington were the inspiration for Gilbert Cannan's novel Mendel. The characters of Loerke in D. H. Lawrence's Women in Love, and Gombauld in Aldous Huxley's Crome Yellow were based on him.

Maurycy Gottlieb

Maurycy Gottlieb was a Polish realist painter of the Romantic period. Considered one of the most talented students of Jan Matejko, Gottllieb died at the age of 23.

Gottlieb won a gold medal at the Munich art competition for his painting, Shylock and Jessica (1876), portraying a scene from Shakespeare's The Merchant of Venice. Despite his premature death at the age of 23, more than three hundred of his works survive (mostly sketches, but also oil paintings), though not all are finished. After the fall of the Iron Curtain, many Polish collections unknown in the Western Bloc were popularized, and his reputation grew greatly. 

Sol LeWitt

An American artist linked to various movements, including conceptual art and minimalism. He came to fame in the late 1960s with his wall drawings and "structures" (a term he preferred instead of "sculptures") but was prolific in a wide range of media including drawing, printmaking, photography, painting, installation, and artist's books. 

Max Liebermann

He later chose scenes of the bourgeoisie, as well as aspects of his garden near Lake Wannsee, near Berlin as motifs for his paintings. Noted for his portraits, he did more than 200 commissioned ones over the years, including one of Albert Einstein and Paul von Hindenburg.

Jacques Lipschitz

A cubist sculptor, Lipchitz retained highly figurative and legible components in his work leading up to 1915–16, after which naturalist and descriptive elements were muted, dominated by a synthetic style of Crystal Cubism

El Lissitzky

Born Lazar Markovich known as El Lissitzky was  Russian artistdesignerphotographertypographerpolemicist and architect. He was an important figure of the Russian avant-garde, helping develop suprematism with his mentor, Kazimir Malevich, and designing numerous exhibition displays and propaganda 

works for the Soviet Union. His work greatly influenced the Bauhaus and constructivist movements, and he experimented with production techniques and stylistic devices that would go on to dominate 20th-century graphic design.

Amadeo Clemente Modigliani is best known as the Italian artist who left behind striking oil paintings and sculptures of women with 

distinctively elongated faces and pinched lips. But a new video by New York’s Jewish Museum in honor of a current exhibit might make the artist better known for something else entirely: his habit of introducing himself, “Je m’appelle Modigliani. Je suis Juif.” My name is Modigliani. I am a Jew. 

And what a Jew he was. Born into one of Livorno’s most prominent Sephardic Jewish families, Modigliani was bound for prominence. His mother was descended from a long line of Talmud scholars and intellectuals, which may have included the famously excommunicated Dutch philosopher

Baruch Spinoza. His father was a successful entrepreneur—until, that is, the family’s lucky streak ended.

Modigliani’s birth may have saved the family from total financial ruin, thanks to an ancient Italian law that prohibits creditors from seizing the bed of a pregnant woman, but ill fortune found them. As a child, Modigliani suffered from pleurisy and typhoid fever, and he never did fully regain his health. He died of tubercular meningitis at age 35 in Paris. The next day, his fiancé Jeanne Hébuterne, who was eight months pregnant at the time, jumped to her death. The couple left behind one elder child, hundreds of works of art, 6000 documents, and a much contested legacy.

Burton Morris

Burton Morris is an American Pop Artist. Best known for his bold, graphic pop art paintings and depictions of various modern icons, his subject matter includes everyday objects that portray today's popular culture. His distinctive style is characterized by radiant outlines and vivid colors in all of his art.

Barnett Newman

An American artist seen as one of the major figures in abstract expressionism and one of the foremost of the color field painters. His paintings are existential in tone and content, explicitly composed with the intention of communicating a sense of locality, presence, and contingency.

Jules Pascin born Julius Mordecai Pincas known as  Pascin, or the "Prince of Montparnasse", was a Bulgarian artist known for his paintings and drawings. His most frequent subject was women, depicted in casual poses, usually nude or partly dressed.

Philip Pearlstein is an American painter best known for Modernist Realism nudes. Cited by critics as the preeminent figure painter of the 1960s to 2000s, he led a revival in realist art. As a child his parents supported his interest in art, sending him to Saturday morning classes at Pittsburgh's Carnegie Museum of Art. In 1942, at the age of 18, two of his paintings won a national competition sponsored by Scholastic Magazine, and were reproduced in color in Life magazine. He is a Distinguished Professor Emeritus with paintings in the collections of over 70 public art museums.

Camille Pissarro born Jacob Abraham Camille Pissarro Impressioniist neo impressionist.  Paul Cézanne said "he was a father for me. A man to consult and a little like the good Lord", and he was also one of Paul Gauguin's masters. In 1873 he helped establish a collective society of fifteen aspiring artists, becoming the "pivotal" figure in holding the group together. Paul Cézanne said "he was a father for me. A man to consult and a little like the good Lord", and he was also one of Paul Gauguin's masters. Pierre-Auguste Renoir referred to his work as "revolutionary", through his artistic portrayals of the "common man", as Pissarro insisted on painting individuals in natural settings without "artifice or grandeur".

Samuel Rosenberg was an American artist and Professor at Carnegie Mellon University in Pittsburgh, PA. He showed his work at the Museum of Modern Art, the Whitney Museum in New York, the National Academy of Art in Washington, the Corcoran Gallery, and in the Pennsylvania Academy of Fine Arts. He was a beloved art teacher, and some of his students were Mel BochnerPhilip Pearlstein and Andy Warhol.

Chaïm Soutine was born Chaim-Iche Solomonovich Sutin was a Russian painter who made a major contribution to the expressionist movement while living and working in Paris. He painted 10 works in the carcass of beef series, which have since become his most well-known.

Max Weber Cubist

was a Jewish-American painter and one of the first American Cubist painters who, in later life, turned to more figurative Jewish themes in his art. He is best known today for Chinese Restaurant (1915),


Victor David Brenner (born Avigdor David Brenner; was a Litvak-American sculptor, engraver, and medalist known primarily as the designer of the United States Lincoln Cent which is the longest-running design in United States Mint history, and perhaps the most reproduced piece of art in world history. Brenner's design had been picked by President Theodore Roosevelt, who had earlier posed for him in New York. Since arriving nineteen years earlier in the United States, Brenner had become one of the nation's premier medalists. Roosevelt had learned of Brenner's talents in a settlement house on New York City's Lower East Side and was immediately impressed with a bas-relief that Brenner had made of Lincoln, based on the early Civil War era photographer, Mathew Brady's photograph.

Roosevelt, who considered Lincoln the savior of the Union, the greatest Republican president and also considered himself Lincoln's political heir, ordered the new Lincoln penny to be based on Brenner's work and that it be produced to commemorate Lincoln's 100th birthday in 1909. The likeness of President Lincoln on the obverse of the coin is an adaptation of a plaque Brenner executed several years earlier and which had come to the attention of President Roosevelt in New York.


·         Livio Abramo

·         Israel Abramofsky

·         Salomon Adler

·         Soshana Afroyim

·         Baruch Agadati

·         Roberto Aizenberg

·         Meer Akselrod

·         Tivadar Alconiere

·         Pierre Alechinsky

·         Oskar Alexander

·         Nathan Altman

·         Margit Anna

·         Mark Antokolski  Sculptur

·         Ida Applebroog

·         Aharon April

·         Mordecai Ardon

·         Ruth Arion

·         David Aronson

·         Isidor Ascheim

·         Isaak Asknaziy

·         Frank Auerbach

·         Mordechai Avniel

·         Ben Avram


·         Dina Babbitt

·         Karl Daniel Friedrich Bach

·         Samuel Bak

·         Léon Bakst

·         Mogens Ballin

·         Gyula Basch

·         Julian Beck

·         Tuvia Beeri

·         Adolf Behrman

·         Adolfo Belimbau

·         Arnold Belkin

·         Zigi Ben-Haim

·         Eduard Bendemann

·         Henryk Berlewi

·         Abraham Berline

·         Berman brothers (painters)

·         Mosè Bianchi

·         Edith Birkin

·         Uriel Birnbaum

·         Frances Aviva Blane

·         Hyman Bloom

·         Peter Blume

·         Alexander Bogen

·         Ilya Bolotowsky

·         David Bomberg

·         Eva Bonnier

·         Sam Borenstein

·         Zlatko Bourek

·         Paul Brach

·         Patricia Broderick

·         Isaak Brodsky

·         Szymon Buchbinder


·         Corrado Cagli

·         Alice Lok Cahana

·         Marc Chagall

·         Jacques Chapiro

·         Mikhail Chapiro

·         Judy Chicago

·         Paul Citroen

·         Alexander Cooper

·         Vittorio Matteo Corcos

·         Olga Costa

·         Aniela Cukier

·         Jakub Cytryn


·         Vito D'Ancona

·         Gerald Davis (Irish artist)

·         Serafino De Tivoli

·         Olivier Debré

·         Sonia Delaunay

·         Jim Dine

·         Simon Dinnerstein

·         László Dombrovszky

·         Enrico Donati

·         Vicente Dopico Lerner


·         Marta Ehrlich

·         Georg Eisler

·         André Elbaz

·         Baruch Elron

·         Jacob Epstein  His sculpture is distinguished by its vigorous rough-hewn realismAvant-garde in concept and style, his works often shocked his audience. This was not only a result of their (often explicit) sexual content, but also because they deliberately abandoned the conventions of classical Greek sculpture 

·         Moses Ezekiel

·         Moses Jacob Ezekiel, also known as Moses "Ritter von" Ezekiel was a Jewish-American sculptor who lived and worked in Rome for the majority of his career. Among his numerous honors and prizes was the title of Cavaliere given by the Italian government. At the age of 29, Ezekiel was the first foreigner to win the Michel-Beer Prix de Rome. He was the first Jewish cadet at Virginia Military Institute.



·         Robert Falk

·         István Farkas (painter)

·         Adolphe Féder

·         Al Feldstein

·         Eugène Fidler

·         Luis Filcer

·         Samuel Finkelstein

·         Eva Fischer

·         Paul Gustav Fischer

·         Eric Fischl

·         Sandra Fisher

·         Jane Frank

·         Mary Frank

·         Helen Frankenthaler

·         Eduard Frankfort

·         Yitzhak Frenkel

·         Lucian Freud

·         Paul Freud

·         Otto Freundlich

·         Pál Fried

·         Pedro Friedeberg

·         Friedrich Ritter von Friedländer-Malheim

·         Ernst Fuchs (artist)


·         Harold Garde

·         Salomon Garf

·         Eliahu Gat

·         Ilka Gedő

·         Fernando Gerassi

·         Mark Gertler (artist)

·         Jacob Gildor

·         Erich Glas

·         Gluck (painter)

·         Chaim Goldberg

·         Eric Goldberg (artist)

·         Haim Goldberg (Haggai)

·         Julia Goodman

·         Walter Goodman

·         Henryk Gotlib

·         Adolph Gottlieb

·         Leopold Gottlieb

·         Maurycy Gottlieb

·         Stephen Greene (artist)

·         William Gropper

·         Michael Gross (artist)

·         Ernő Grünbaum

·         Isidoro Grünhut

·         Pegeen Vail Guggenheim

·         José Gurvich

·         Philip Guston

·         Nachum Gutman


·         Michael Hafftka

·         Stacha Halpern

·         Esther Hamerman

·         Solomon Hart

·         Roman Haubenstock-Ramati

·         Rudolf Hausner

·         Angelo Heilprin

·         Josef Herman

·         Oskar Herman

·         Itshak Holtz

·         Shimshon Holzman

·         Wolfgang Hutter


·         Petre Iorgulescu-Yor

·         Iosif Iser

·         Gershon Iskowitz

·         Marvin Israel

·         Isaac Israëls

·         Jozef Israëls was a Dutch painter. He was a leading member of the group of landscape painters referred to as the Hague School and, during his lifetime, "the most respected Dutch artist of the second half of the nineteenth century".[1]


·         Max Jacob

·         Marcel Janco

·         Alfréd Justitz


·         Menashe Kadishman

·         Louis Kahan

·         Eugen von Kahler

·         Leo Kahn

·         Anatoli Lvovich Kaplan

·         Jacques Katmor

·         Nándor Katona

·         Alex Katz

·         Hanns Katz

·         Arthur Kaufmann (artist)

·         Isidor Kaufmann

·         Shay Kun

·         Chaim Kiewe

·         Michel Kikoine

·         Jesekiel David Kirszenbaum

·         Moïse Kisling

·         R. B. Kitaj

·         Mati Klarwein

·         Anna Klein (painter)

·         Bernat Klein

·         Mira Klobučar

·         Baladine Klossowska

·         Ida Kohlmeyer

·         Joseph Kossonogi

·         Frans Krajcberg

·         Jacob Kramer

·         Lee Krasner

·         Peter Krasnow

·         Živa Kraus

·         Pinchus Kremegne

·         Lazar Krestin


·         Baruch Lopes Leão de Laguna

·         Myra Landau

·         Ronnie Landfield

·         Boris Lekar

·         Ofer Lellouche

·         Felix Lembersky

·         Alex Leon

·         Aleksander Lesser

·         Paola Levi-Montalcini

·         Jack Levine

·         Isaac Levitan

·         Lucien Lévy-Dhurmer

·         Rudolf Levy

·         Roy Lichtenstein

·         Max Liebermann

·         Irene Lieblich

·         Ulvi Liegi

·         Richard Lindner (painter)


·         Lippy Lipshitz

·         El Lissitzky

·         List of Israeli visual artists

·         Louis Loeb

·         Greta Loebl

·         Morris Louis

·         Emanuele Luzzati


·         Moshe Maimon

·         Zvi Malnovitzer

·         Emmanuel Mane-Katz

·         Joseph Margulies (artist)

·         Barnett Samuel Marks

·         Max Hermann Maxy

·         Ludwig Meidner

·         Sal Meijer

·         Roberto Melli

·         Paul Meltsner

·         Eliana Menassé

·         Bernard Meninsky

·         Bill Meyer (artist)

·         Ernst Meyer (painter)

·         Henri Michel-Lévy

·         Leo Michelson

·         Grégoire Michonze

·         Maurycy Minkowski

·         Mitelman

·         László Moholy-Nagy

·         Abram Molarsky

·         David Monies

·         Martin Monnickendam

·         Burton Morris Pittsburgh pop art

·         Tina Morpurgo

·         Henry Mosler

·         Marie-Louise von Motesiczky

·         Louis Muhlstock

·         Mushail Mushailov


·         Arno Nadel

·         František Mořic Nágl

·         Joshua Neustein

·         Barnett Newman

·         Maurits Niekerk

·         Leonardo Nierman

·         Romeo Niram

·         Felix Nussbaum


·         Jules Olitski

·         Moritz Daniel Oppenheim

·         Desiderius Orban

·         Henry Orenstein (painter)

·         Yigal Ozeri

·         Daniel Ozmo


·         Wolfgang Paalen

·         Alfred Pal

·         Abel Pann

·         Gino Parin

·         Jules Pascin

·         Leonid Pasternak

·         Yehuda Pen

·         Nehemiah Persoff

·         Theodor Philipsen

·         Leopold Pilichowski

·         Alfred Pinsky

·         Hugues Claude Pissarro

·         Camille Pissarro

·         Félix Pissarro

·         Georges Henri Manzana Pissarro

·         Lucien Pissarro

·         Orovida Camille Pissarro

·         Stephen Polin

·         Raffaello Pontremoli

·         Clemente Pugliese Levi


·         Harvey Quaytman

·         R. H. Quaytman


·         Fanny Rabel

·         Lubov Rabinovich

·         Archie Rand

·         Antonietta Raphael

·         William Raphael

·         Ilana Raviv

·         Josef Breitenbach

·         Man Ray

·         Ivan Rein

·         Lionel S. Reiss

·         Larry Rivers

·         Walter Alfred Rosam

·         Erna Rosenstein

·         Constantin Daniel Rosenthal

·         Leo Roth

·         Mark Rothko

·         Reuven Rubin

·         Vlady Kibalchich Rusakov


·         Geskel Saloman

·         Charlotte Salomon

·         Malva Schalek

·         Zahara Schatz

·         Mira Schendel

·         Arnold Schoenberg

·         Ilya Schor

·         Avi Schwartz

·         William S. Schwartz

·         Fritz Schwarz-Waldegg

·         Mommie Schwarz

·         Simon Segal

·         Lasar Segall

·         Gela Seksztajn

·         Valentin Serov

·         Ben Shahn

·         Yechiel (Eli) Shainblum

·         Nat Mayer Shapiro

·         Manuil Shechtman

·         Ahuva Sherman

·         Robert B. Sherman

·         Sarai Sherman

·         Izya Shlosberg

·         Nahem Shoa

·         Erik Slutsky

·         Zak Smith

·         Joseph Solman

·         Abraham Solomon

·         Simeon Solomon

·         Solomon Joseph Solomon

·         Boris Solotareff

·         Chaim Soutine

·         Isaac Soyer

·         Moses Soyer

·         Raphael Soyer

·         Gavin Spielman

·         Jacob Steinhardt

·         Florine Stettheimer

·         Alejandro Stock

·         Serge Strosberg

·         Donald Sultan

·         Vivan Sundaram

·         Igino Benvenuto Supino


·         Siona Tagger

·         Ruben Talberg

·         Itzchak Tarkay

·         Mashel Teitelbaum

·         Ernő Tibor

·         Anna Ticho

·         Jennings Tofel

·         Maurycy Trębacz

·         Victor Tsigal

·         Israel Tsvaygenbaum

·         Roman Turovsky-Savchuk

·         Jack Tworkov

·         Osnat Tzadok


·         Fred Uhlman

·         Benjamin Ulmann

·         Lesser Ury


·         Sam Vanni

·         Philipp Veit

·         Nicolae Vermont

·         Salomon Verveer


·         Nathan Wasserberger

·         Jeffrey Wasserman

·         Max Weber (artist)

·         Vladimir Weisberg

·         Eliezer Weishoff


·         Yitzhak Yamin

·         Josephinne Yaroshevich


·         Sergey Zagraevsky

·         Joseph Zaritsky

·         Zeev Kun

·         Anton Zilzer

·         William Zorach

·         Larry Zox


Jewish Sculptors


·         Jussuf Abbo

·         Matanya Abramson

·         Antoine Samuel Adam-Salomon

·         Yaacov Agam

·         Mark Antokolsky

·         David Ascalon

·         Maurice Ascalon

·         Marilee Shapiro Asher


·         Ö. Fülöp Beck

·         Zadok Ben-David

·         Zeev Ben-Zvi

·         Naftali Bezem

·         Christian Boltanski

·         Victor David Brenner


·         Samuel Cashwan

·         Pinchas Cohen Gan


·         Vera Dajht-Kralj

·         Esther David

·         Ya'acov Dorchin


·         Benni Efrat

·         Käthe Ephraim Marcus

·         Jacob Epstein

·         Sorel Etrog

·         Moses Jacob Ezekiel


·         Belu-Simion Fainaru

·         Herbert Ferber

·         Vera Fischer (sculptor)

·         Peter Fishman

·         Leopold Fleischhacker

·         Theodore J. Flicker

·         Jane Frank

·         Mary Frank


·         Naum Gabo

·         Gerald Gladstone

·         Enrico Glicenstein

·         Chaim Goldberg

·         Aaron Goodelman

·         Willy Gordon

·         Chaim Gross

·         Bathsheba Grossman

·         Jakob Guttmann (sculptor)


·         Stacha Halpern

·         Emanuel Hatzofe


·         Idel Ianchelevici

·         Eli Ilan

·         Nicky Imber

·         Léon Indenbaum


·         Georges Jeanclos

·         Gerry Judah

·         Hinko Juhn


·         Menashe Kadishman

·         Anatoli Lvovich Kaplan

·         Anish Kapoor


·         Dani Karavan

·         Inge King

·         Max Klein

·         Ralph Koltai

·         Fred Kormis

·         Alexander Kosolapov

·         Moses Kottler

·         Frans Krajcberg

·         Pinchus Kremegne

·         Henryk Kuna


·         Jeremy Langford (sculptor)

·         Molly Larkey

·         Ibram Lassaw

·         Ofer Lellouche

·         Maya Cohen Levy

·         Stanley Lewis (sculptor)

·         Alexander Liberman

·         Jacques Lipchitz

·         Lippy Lipshitz

·         Donald Lipski

·         Frederic Littman


·         Anna Mahler

·         Tosia Malamud

·         Rudolf Marcuse

·         Márton Izsák

·         Frank Meisler

·         Dina Melicov

·         Dina Merhav

·         Arrigo Minerbi

·         Motti Mizrachi

·         Tamara Musakhanov


·         Elie Nadelman

·         Ernst Neizvestny

·         Oscar Nemon

·         Nat Neujean

·         Louise Nevelson

·         Alexander Ney

·         Leonardo Nierman


·         Chana Orloff


·         Antoine Pevsner


·         Samuel Rabin (artist)

·         Antonietta Raphael

·         Nathan Rapoport

·         Moe Reinblatt

·         Paul Ritter (architect)

·         Albert Rubin

·         Zahara Rubin


·         Boris Schatz

·         Edwin Scheier

·         Peter Schifrin

·         Buky Schwartz

·         George Segal (artist)

·         Shelomo Selinger

·         Yechiel (Eli) Shainblum

·         Izzy Sher

·         Michel Sima

·         Stella Skopal

·         Matthew Spender

·         Maurice Stern

·         Marguerite Stix

·         Sucho

·         Marek Szwarc


·         Ruben Talberg

·         Alfred Tibor


·         Micha Ullman


·         Eliezer Weishoff


·         Yitzhak Yamin


·         Arnold Zadikow

·         Ossip Zadkine

·         Marian Zazeela

·         William Zorach

·         Astrid Zydower





George Mendonsa was shown kissing Greta Zimmer Friedman, a dental assistant in a nurse’s uniform, on Aug. 14, 1945. Known as V-J Day, it was the day Japan surrendered to the United States.

The photo by Alfred Eisenstaedt became one of the most famous photographs of the 20th century.

Flashback: Raising the Flag at Iwo Jima - NBC News

Raising the flag on Iwo Jima is an iconic photograph of six United States Marines raising the US flag on top of Mount Suribachi during the battle of Iwo Jima near the end of World War II in the Pacific. The photograph taken by Joe Rosenthal of Associated Press on February 23, 1945.

·         Bob Adelman[1]

·         Merry Alpern[2]

·         Diane Arbus[3]

·         Eve Arnold[4]

·         Ellen Auerbach[5]

·         Richard Avedon[6]

·         Erwin Blumenfeld[7]

·         Lynne Cohen[8]

·         Ted Croner[9]

·         Bruce Davidson[10][11]

·         Alfred Eisenstaedt[12]

·         Louis Faurer[13]

·         Nat Fein[14]

·         Barry Feinstein[15]

·         Trude Fleischmann[16]

·         Robert Frank[17][18]

·         Leonard Freed[19]

·         Nan Goldin[20]

·         Milton H. Greene[21]

·         Lauren Greenfield[22]

·         Sid Grossman[23]

·         Philippe Halsman[24]

·         Don Hunstein[15]

·         Lotte Jacobi[25]

·         William Klein[26]

·         Max Kozloff[27]

·         Alma Lavenson[28]

·         Annie Leibovitz[29]

·         Saul Leiter[30]

·         Leon Levinstein[31]

·         Helen Levitt[32][33]

·         Danny Lyon[34]

Linda Louise McCartney - 

      Beatles Paul McCartney’s wife         

Mary Ellen Mark[36]

Jeff Mermelstein[37]

·         Joel Meyerowitz[38]

·         Lisette Model[39]

·         Carl Mydans[40]

·         Arnold Newman[41]

·         Helmut Newton[42]

·         Ruth Orkin[43]

·         Man Ray[44]

·         Joe Rosenthal[45]

·         Arthur Rothstein[46]

·         Steve Schapiro[47]

·         Jerry Schatzberg[15]

·         Paul Schutzer[48]

·         David Seymour[49]

·         Ben Shahn[50]

·         Art Shay[51]

·         Cindy Sherman[52]

·         Stephen Shore[53]

·         Julius Shulman[54]

·         Aaron Siskind[55]

·         Rosalind Fox Solomon[56]

·         Phil Stern[57]

·         Marcel Sternberger[58]

·         Joel Sternfeld[59]

·         Alfred Stieglitz[60]

·         Ezra Stoller[61]

·         Lou Stoumen[62]

·         Paul Strand[63]

·         Stanley Tretick[64]

·         Doris Ulmann[65]

·         Weegee[66]

·         Dan Weiner[67]

·         Garry Winogrand[68]

·         Penny Wolin[69]

·         Lillian Bassman[70]lease insert your text here.