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Jews gave the world Monotheism, and the Sabbath

Fast forward:  Covid-19 Pandemic

Mikael Dorsten is the Chief Scientist for Pfizer, and Dr. Tal Saks is the Chief Scientific Officer for Moderna. Thanks to the efforts of those two men and their teams, we have successful vaccines for the Corona Virus. They are both Jewish.


The people mentioned on this website are Jewish. That is not a commentary on their actual religious participation. It is a statement about their DNA. Most of these Jewish people had two Jewish parents. Some had only one Jewish parent.

A classic illustration of this characteristic is Elvis Pressley. He was a Christian all his life; but his mother was Jewish.

Some of the people mentioned in the texts have a (g) next to their name. That means that the person had no Jewish DNA.

Want your portrait painted? See Artists


Many people fought and died in the American Revolution including Jews. However, America would still be a British colony except for what the Jews did off the battlefield. See COLONIES.


Jews invented the comic book, and all of you favorite superheroes see COMICS.

Computers and cell phones have changed the world. Jews were a significant part of that change. See Computer

If you wear clothes, Jews probably designed them, or sold them to you see FASHION

Some people are critical of rich Jews, but they fail to recognize all the contributions which those people have made for the benefit of others. See FOR OTHERS

Al Capone may be the poster child for gangsters, but he bought his illegal whiskey from Jews rather than compete with them. See GANGSTERS

Jews did not invent everything, but they contributed a great deal see INVENTORS

Jews created the Movie industry, Commercial Radio, Television, Commercial Television, The Cell Phone, the cell phone camera, and the Internet see MEDIA

Many Jews made important contributions to medicine including Emergency Medical Services. See MEDICINE

Jews have served with distinction in the Military..  See MILITARY

Jews have a habit of making things happen. See MOVERS & SHAKERS

The top 10 Christmas songs were written by Jews. If there is a Broadway musical that you like, it was probably created by Jews. See   MUSIC

Jews were awarded 22% of all the Nobel Prizes see NOBEL

Jews created the Atomic and Hydrogen Bombs, Nuclear Power, The US Nuclear Navy see NUCLEAR

If you buy things, Jews probably provided that something. see RETAIL

Jews did not invent Social Media, but they made it a lot more friendly! See Social Media

For sports and other competitions  see SPORTS

Like Chocolate? Jews DID NOT INVENT Chocolate, but they are the reason it exists. See SWEET TOOTH

For writers and Playwrights see WRITERS/THEATER


This website was compiled from a vast array of sources in an effort to make one picture of all the Jewish contributions to civilization. One picture presents a more powerful story than a collection of website references requiring you to go here, there, and everywhere else.

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Much of the content of this website was “borrowed”. This website “borrowed” information from Wikipedia, Jinfo.org, Jewish Virtual Library Please support those efforts.

There is also a book entitled The Jewish Contribution to Civilization by Cecil Roth which can be read on line. That book contains more info about the 19th century and before. It can be read on the Internet at: